How it works

Say goodbye to repetitive design work. See below our three easy steps to creating and sharing awesome templates.



Create a new template

First, create and upload your premade design strip. Whether this is a logo, a new offer, or promotion, it will be included as the static branding on new social media images. This is your template. Next, select the dimensions of your final image. Square, portrait, and landscape are available. We’ll give you tips on which social media platforms they work best.
Resize your design and reposition it on the canvas to any location. Now your template is ready. You no longer need to edit it for every new image.


Share with your client

Once you’ve added clients to your account, you can share any templates you created with them. They’re empowered to select one and re-use templates for as many images they need.


Client can use your template

Clients can upload an image from their phone or computer. With Buzz Template, they’ll resize their image to fit your template. Once finished, their new branded image can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or it can be saved right to their device!